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Saturday, January 24, 2004

hey peeps!!! i've moved! to

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Friday, January 23, 2004


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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Happy happy new year!!!
guess i haven been blogging in for quite some time. anw, its new year!!! yea!! i got to wear my new skirt. so cool. hahahha. its reallie comfy.anw, olive lend me her christina cd. gosh, its greaat!!! her voice is so powerfool!! britney is sexy. and she's really girl power.
okaay, yeah, ang baos ang baos. love them hahaha. anw, this yr i had more angbaos than my sis. cos some of them thought my sis was too old. so they didn't give her. and sshe was growling da whole day. anw, i felt so much like a glutton yesterday eat and eat. reallie. then chewie msg me. i was complaining to her that i can't stop eatting!anw, yesterday had an awesome night at my gugu's house. guess wad?? they showed us this video when they took 20 something yrs ago when my dad was still in his teens. they were using this very very super duper old film maker thingy. and my dad was so tooted. ok lah... maybe his pweety cool in his times. haha! anyhow, he was wearing this super duper bells, bell-bottoms. haha! and da hair was so yucky. and everybody was laughing. so cool. its like watching a film in da cinema. its so dark and 10 over pple are crowded ard this small little screen. bout the size of a3 paper. damn, it was so fun. i missed last night so much. yea. then they went desaru(issit spelt like this, uh wells) and they all went to beach. and they were like, so fun, i reallie envy. the hugh waves and stuff. makes me reallie miss da beach t sufers' paradise.
today's da second day of da new year and its raining. oh shucks. maybe later, pop is gonna bring us to catch a movie. i hope so. cos i haf some many movies that i wanna catch. like the last samurai, CHEAPER BY THE DOZENS, peter pan and many moooore... okay, last but not least, happy new year to ya'll!!!! thansk for those who vistis my blog! muack!!
xtina, brit and justin rocks!!! 50 cents, lil kim and missy rocks!!! haha! im going mad...


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Saturday, January 17, 2004

weee!!! today went to some CIP thingy. yupp. had fun. anw, reallie felt how lucky i am. in da 1 room flat, there weren't even a tv set. im like, my gosh, im using com everyday. reallie hafta treasure my current life yea??
anw, it was fun. get to noe these 2 sec3s boys. so crappy. anw, after cleaning. was hanging ard da block. sorta playin, or rather laming ard. hahaha!

anw, got to noe this gurl, lisin from chewy and jan. waah, she damn crappy and funny. glad to noe her. x) then after da CIP. went behind sch top eat. weeelll, its been a long time since we went there to haf our meals. anw, jan crazy bout gd boy. hahaha!
ok... i was away for a moment. heh. there's this lizard tat crawl up to my dad's feet. yucks. and i was spraying insecticide on it. it still wun die. ugh!!! i'll shall leave it to my dad to settle everything. ahahah! okay. yupp, went j8 with jan. yupp, we were both reallie tired but we were crazy during da train ride. jus making jokes out of different kind of names. lily lee lili. hahhaa! bought a organiser from MUJI. as i was bout to go hme, i turned back to buy tat organiser. thanks jan for accompanying me.....!!! anw, its pretty ex. cos its 4.50 for an empty cover.

okay....gtg. going to rescue my dad. hahhaa!! anw, one last thing!!! ms chee rocks!!! she's a reallie gd teacher!!! she reallie motivates me.


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Monday, January 12, 2004

yeah!!! new year new year!!! i love chinese new yr. cos i get to buy new clothes. and hong bao... hahhaa.
anw, sch was fine today. jus that eng was a toal boredom. ms jayer is singing us a lullaby. jus i was bout to fall alsleep, i was called by her to answer this qns. weeell, i was shocked. then i took a reallie long time to answer. hahaha. half dead u noe...
yupp. then had mee for recess. yikes. damn shiok. cos it was very spicy. at least to me... then olive was rushing me after she finished hers. i rushed my remaining meeee... and the chilli went into my nose. so disgustin lo. hahaha! then there's this couple of sec 3 gurls beside us and one of them was giggling when i told olive that the chilli went into my nose.
yeaaa.... after sch had this diagnostic test. issit spelt like this?? welll... its pretty difficult and i was one of the last few who left the hall.
okay. was supposed to go town with olip. we went, but i accompany her to phoenix hotel(cos she meeting her indo fwen) while i met up with my sis. anw, i had this reallie bad muscle cramp after the dance class on sat. and today, i walked from hereens to fareast, then to cine. then to taka and wisma. hahaha. and i left orchard at 8pm. saw so many familiar faces. like cailin or something liddat. then edwin da jie mei. hahaha but i didn't see him. he saw me though. then weiwei. hahaha, i lurf her dimples. so cute. she tot im in my 3 mths jc. hahaha. then jan's friend, sean(spelt like this?) and xiuhui. they went cj. cool. then another sec3 gurl. anw, bought a pinky skirt. lurf it. something similar to the brit's one. yipeee!!cya, doing my eng compre. x)


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Thursday, January 08, 2004

heyy.. good evening everybody. weell... im here to keep ya'll company for the nxt 2 mins. hahaa. yeaa, young from perfectten would be like this is young accompany ya till 2am in da morning.
sch reopen le... haf been hanging ard with olive. yea, anne and rene sat rite at da back of da class. so we ain't talking much unless its after sch and recess.
heh. teacher did not collect my hols assignment cos all of us are so bz with da mock exam. and its my last paper tml. d&t. im freaking out. cos oh gosh!!! i haven touched on it. and there is quite a number of chaps.
anw, maria hadn't been to sch for 2 days cos she got a flu and a bad sore throat. chick, dop take care kae??
lets talk bout today. hmmm, had my chem paper. kind of diff. but oso okie. hahhaa. lame. yupp. and my accounts. jus hope tat i wun haf any careless mistake. anw, i finally balance my balance sheet. u guys betta gimme a round of applause. hahah!
went j8 with olive after sch. weeelll, lurf her. we are having fun. then she bought a keychain. and we went popular and bought a powerpuff gurl file! kiddy!! haha! yea, took neoprints too...had choclate pancake and bubble tea as usual. i bought a new pencil case tooo... weell, im absolutely inffluence by olive. cos im now bout top to toe pink!!. honestly, i lurf red though. yeaaaa, anw, jus came hme and went out to da pasar malam with anne. yea, and i bought another file. betty boop!! and its red!!! lurf it man.
okaaaay. having d&t tmr and i reallie hope i can pass. i dun wish to drop this subject though. x)


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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

i fell trapped. i can't breathe. well... not becos i got blocked nose. its becos i haven finish my hw. ahh!! so many of them. and i tried. but i can't dooo... i need help.
anw, happy new yr everyone... its a brand new im gonna haf a brand new start. i start wrote my new yr recolutions. but i haven finish. yeaa, anw, i got a new diary and i decorated it a lil. im pretty excited bout sch in fact. but on the other hand, i dread common test.
gotta haf my bag packed later, clothes ironed. earrings taken off. shoes cleaned. weeeelll... lemme think, anything else??
alrite gtg, gonna catch mtv awards later. there's brit!!! kissing madonna obvious. pretty les lah... but we mus take this world open-mindedly.


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