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It's my World

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

i fell trapped. i can't breathe. well... not becos i got blocked nose. its becos i haven finish my hw. ahh!! so many of them. and i tried. but i can't dooo... i need help.
anw, happy new yr everyone... its a brand new im gonna haf a brand new start. i start wrote my new yr recolutions. but i haven finish. yeaa, anw, i got a new diary and i decorated it a lil. im pretty excited bout sch in fact. but on the other hand, i dread common test.
gotta haf my bag packed later, clothes ironed. earrings taken off. shoes cleaned. weeeelll... lemme think, anything else??
alrite gtg, gonna catch mtv awards later. there's brit!!! kissing madonna obvious. pretty les lah... but we mus take this world open-mindedly.


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Tuesday, December 30, 2003


its da last day of da yr. alrite, let's juz forget about all da bad things and start a new yr in da positive way. juz say byebye to sars and other stupid small lil mistakes u haf made in this yr.
yeahh, its my 'o's yr. so muz start to work hard... absolutely no slacking. yea, hope tt i'll be able to do well.... on second thoughts, i mighjt need to slack. to relax myself yea??
gosh, guess im gonna haf da countdown tonite at hme... weelll... boring rite?? anw, yesterday dada lend me her 7250i. man, it's gorgeous!!! simple awesome. lorf it. esp da cam. lorf taking fotos. im falling in luv with it. hahaha saw her brother too... cute!! so naughty, but realle adorable.
guess im gonna stay hme today. maybe, perhaps, will be going heartland mall to study with anne and rene.
okkayy... tkae care everybody. and haf a happy new yr.


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Friday, December 26, 2003

heyy. merry xmas everybody!!! well, is kind of late BUT, its better than nothing!!

well, juz got a scolding from my pop, coz i was suppose to stay hme and study, but i reached hme at 9. yah... coz went straightening, well, its not rebond, so it wun last very long. anw, lorf my hair now. it is so easy to handle.

ok... met up with chewy, and we were so fickle.... debating on whether to play badminton or swimming. but we went swimming in da end. and da stoopid weather trying to make a fool out of us. all of a sudden is sun is blazing, the next moment, its raining. booo... sucks rite?? ok... then hougang mall. always da same old place. duh! hahah! and had our usual, chicken rice and bubble tea.

gtg. so bz now. byeee

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Saturday, December 20, 2003

it's a sunday!!! and its raining. haf been raining these few days. weelll, im freezing and i wanna get this reallie nice jacket. it's red!!! love it.

not working today. yea... so many things happened this week. went to watch infernal affairs 3. wad can i say? it's grreat. incredible.then saw this mng top tat i lorf so muchiee...they are having a 50% off sales now...

had a great day at work with anne and rene on friday. sales was gd on dat day. xp lorf ya all...

yea... ysty nite... i watched the jay's vcd that i bought for my sis... woah! he's sooper cool. the yi fu zi ming mv is so super nice... gosh, love him man....he's an awesome guy. so talented and stuff. x)

okiee... gtg. my family gonna haf spring cleaning today. gona pack up my room.
i wanna catch sch of rock.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

time reallie reallie reallie flys super duper fast. sp peeps so catch
it before it flys offf....

ugh! haven done my hw. and im going broke from buying christmas pressie. hahaha. planning out my budget and stuff. worked in da morning... had a great time with rene and anne today. they are juz some crazy peeps yea??
lorf da cookies at cookies connection. chocolate chip with walnut. yums. gonna get somemore tml. bought some reallie nice pierre cardin lingeries. so cute. bought a fbt short too... well!!! finally!!! hahah!
yupp. i feel like beating myself up. i promise my manda to help her tape down moon fairy and i forgot!! believe it or not... i was reminding myself half an hr b4 da show... and only remembered at ard 7.40. maybe i'll buy her da vcd. as her bdae and xmas pressie. juz sms a dedication to jamie yeo... hope she will read it out.

takkairre all.
beach'd and busted

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

heyyy... have been blogging in rather lil lately. anw, juz came back from my sis chalet... didn't wan to stay long... coz im like not their cliques... u noe... they are over 20s.yeaahhh... one thing i regret. i didn't go bowling and cycling. booo...

yeahh. sch's reopening reallie soon... and reallie fast.

oopsss... i dunno wad to blog in... anw, ysty had a pretty long chat with dada on da fone.... yikess... she rocks man. coz she like lullaby... talk until i sleep. hahaha

yah... but reallie had a GOOD chat with her. lorf ya babe....

i wanna go sentosa, pulau ubin again b4 sch reopens. yikess... i haf 7 new fwen requests in friendster. cool!

so cya

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

heyyy... went occ with da burbies again. great. completely awesome. fun!!! yikes... i can reallie laugh till my head drops off... yea... went gym. me and jan slacking ard. kept trying on diff equip.... tat consistent chewy only used 2 equips. =)

wait!!! we went to play tennis first. and dat jan.. interested in da guy at the recreation counter... yupp he's not bad. but she's gone all ga-ga over him. hahhahaa
the weather is so unpredictable today. it rained... then it stopped. welll... hahhaa. we swam. then we stopped. went to eat mee goreng... weeee... it's so delicious..!! went suntan tooo... but only for like 1/2 an hr. so it makes no diff. da sauna isn't tat hot today.... so we didn't stay long inside...

yeaaa... we returned our towels and didn't see tan eng hwee.... 'tat guy' then jan was like... i hope he takes the same bus as us.
and guess wad??? he reallie did. the 3 of us were like walking towards da bus station and bus was almost leaving... however we manage to catch... so is this fate or what? hahaha! =)

shop ard northpoint and j8. and jan was still ''tan eng hwee...'' hahahhaa. she's so joker.

yea... gtg. work tml....
lurf burbies.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

heyy... tink i haven been blogging in for quite some time. yeapp... haf been working. was eating so muchie da past few days... till i feel like a glutton. BoO!! can someone plz stop me... hahhaa.

yea... went pulau ubin on sat. damn shitty tiring. but it was reallie fun. so long haven got a good laugh. jones definitely a joker. then at nite played bad with my family. and we had this reallie super filling supper.

then sun again... was my ah gong's bdae... and we went to this vegeterian rest. and had like 10 dishes?!?! boOO.... stop feeding me... please!! hahahha! x)

yeahh. ysty went work in da morning... then late afternoonn went da ant's hse. had a great time talking to her. she is so bozonuttie... hahhhaa! yeahh... we muz haf a styaover!!! can't waittt.... yikesss!!

tml im going to occ again. weeee... im reallie lookging forward.

cya allll...
slacking ard

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

this has gotta be a reallie fun day... love burbies.

in da morning wake up so early to go relc hotl for nyaa presentation... we reached like super early. hahhaa. then went macs for breakfast and managed to reached the hotel by 9.15. however, the thing only starts at 11am. hmph! yea... got my badge and cert. welll, it wuz like extremely boring.
so burbs and weiling, we went to shang-ri hotel to changeed out of our gb-u. manx, so nice... and classy. no doubt 5-star hotel... =)

yea... then we walked to far east to haf our lunchie... so full. then weiling had to leave and the burbies took da train to occ. yikes!!! nice country club. so lovely. yea... we went gym and ran for BOUT half an hr. then went to swim. wanna get a tan but there's no sun. yea... got into da sauna room. wow... so hot!!! but it's reallie shiok... cuz after da sauna we went to da aircon room..... yupp. get the idea?? =)

went back to tan.... wuz hoping the sun will be our dismay... we lie down like some bimbos cuz the sky was still overcast with clouds.
yeapp.... jan brought her digi-cam. had a long foto-taking session. kewl! cuz we went sauna... and we had juz our towel on... took like super many pixs. had an awesome, great, wonderful, fun time.
jan juz send me those pixs. they 2 are so pretty. im so ermx. hahaha

welll... gtg. reallie tired. and im having chem tml.. gotta haf some bz time tml.
yea... we sang brit's me against da music and simple plan's one day for da whole day... our theme song.

lurf burbies....

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

hey... this is one of my perhaps most tiring day since hols started. weee... met bozo early in da morning. and we took bus togeda. the stupid bus is darn unstable... i almost vomited when i alight. x) yeahh. then i saw tammy and she sort of stop me.... errr... from vomiting?? hahaha.

then had 3 hrs of pac lesson. getting more interested in it le. it ain't boring at all... reallie!!! but juz a lil tiring. then anne suddenly tell me tat i brighten up her day. i dunno why... but she's reallie crazy. hahaha!! but i love making my fwens happy. yeahh!

alrite, im already tired and guess wad?? i still insisted on playing bad. hahaha! im so tempted to play. yeahx. but me and chewy ended up playing for half an hr... and chatted the whole time. we always got so many things to tok lor. hey, i reallie wanna go the x'mas concert in city harvest. tink it's gonna be reallie awesome.

it started raining and shucks. me dada and hazel were supposed to meet and cycle at bishan and the lamer dada fall alsleep. then she say it's raining, can't bring her brother out... weelll... reallie wanna see her bro. so cute. i love kids.
but me and hazel also had a great time. we cycled to j8 and both of us were talking and hit into a bush. hahaha. she's so cute u noe...

yeahh. hope to go pulau ubin this sat.

happy 22nd burfdae britney!!!
lurf swimmin, badminton, cycling, dancing

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Me, me, me, me, me !
Peiyu. A gurl born in Singapore. Loves. Britney. Busted. Simple Plan. Charmed n much more. enjoys dancing. badminton. swimming. travelling. Yearns to backpack ard da world. to be a astronaut which seems impossible cuz she ain't doin very well in sciences. maybe she could be an air stewardess. Wants. to lead a carefree life.

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